L'ile sans fin

Hijack!! The Big Four! All the ships on The Big Four crossover!!! FROZEN!! ARGH! And Harry Potter!! Drarry is just like an Hijack (you didn't notice? Yeah!) Oh and I'm sorry for you but i've been hijacked by the Larry fandom... hihiihihhi
And I write Fanfiction! In french but it doesn't matter AHAH!


how messed up is it that if you refer to a group of cis women as “you guys” nobody bats an eyelash and they respond immediately, but if you were to refer to a group of cis men as “you girls” they would be chomping at the bit and spending the next two minutes scoffing about how they’re not girls

I spent like three hours to save all the conversatons I had with my lovely girl since the begining and my stupid mobile just threw all my caps away and I didn’t save them on my computer and I erased the conversationns and I have nothing now and no. I didn’t need this now.

Anonymous asked: We can fly all day; show me the world, sing me a song, tell me what the future holds, you and me will take it all and go.

And I, I will believe your every word! Cause I, I have a friend in you. We’ll always stay together!



so since these 3 are made by the same company and all… any chance we might get a crossover tv special or direct to dvd thing ??

please ?

megamind: what was i meant to be

madagascar: where do i belong

kung fu panda: why am i here

bee movie: what the fuck

  • Plot Twist: All exams got cancelled because the government finally realise that they are actually just marking your memory and not your intelligence and teenagers should be experiencing life and having a good time instead of sat revising bollocks they're not going to use in the future